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Winnie Loo A person’s hairstyle defines his or her look and is important to give a good first impression. It has the ability to even tell a tale about a person, whether they are confident, an extrovert or introvert. No one knows this more than Winnie Loo, who brought Malaysia’s hairstyling industry far and beyond with her A Cut Above salon.

The salon A Cut Above has become synonymous with the hairstyling industry in Malaysia and has continued to evolve into more than just cutting hair. A Cut Above has participated in Asia’s Hair Designing Festival and is even a part of STYLO, a lifestyle fringe activity to support Formula 1 races in the region.

“We are very active,” Winnie admits as she talks about her activities with STYLO.

“We’ve had shows and promotions in London, Mumbai and even Singapore, and it has been great for us as whatever STYLO’s vision is, it is what we at A Cut Above are looking for. For A Cut Above, it had always been aiming to do something beyond its comfort zone. We have always been into Fashiontainment (Fashion Entertainment). STYLO has helped us set our imaginations free, kept us creative by doing things outside of the box, and this has helped us put A Cut Above on an international platform”, explained Winnie.

But this is not the only time A Cut Above has been seen on an international level. Winnie had co-founded Asia’s Hair Designer’s Festival with a number of people abroad from even South Korea and China. This has also put Malaysia on the map for hairstyling even before STYLO came along.

After all its achievements, A Cut Above is now celebrating its 33rd Anniversary on April 17 at Mid Valley Megamall during Fashion Week. There will be 33 models showing different hairstyles from A Cut Above and there will be entertainment from singers and even a surprise performance, which Winnie Loo promises would be exciting, but won’t reveal it just yet. “This is going to be a big celebration for us as we’ve really come this far.”

4 Ps to Success

Winnie attributes the success of A Cut Above to four Ps – Passion, Perseverance, Patience and Perfection. “It’s so important to have passion in what you do, as without it you will have no goal. Once you have the passion, the drive to achieve your goals, perseverance steps in. And while doors may close before me and I lose out on opportunities, I believe in being patient. If God closes one door, I believe that door isn’t meant for me, but God may open a small window for me to peek through. Through that comes the will for perfection.”

Through her travels, Winnie gets new ideas and inspirations. During 2000-2003, she had been to different destinations such as India and Medan, Jakarta, the people she met pointed out that she should share her skills through education. As Winnie thought about it, she knew it would be a good way to show what A Cut Above is to the world. And thus, she started the A Cut Above Academy, which was awarded the best training centre by world-renowned education body, City and Guilds of London for 3 consecutive years from 2006-2008. “Ever since I started the A Cut Above Academy, I have students who have gone off to work in different countries. China, Taiwan, Melbourne, even London… it’s like they’ve gone everywhere!”

“I was in China where a lot of the mountain tribes were and I saw many people wearing these turbans that come with funny hairstyles and braids. I thought it had a really nice classical look to it that with the right twist I could do something different with it. I wanted to transcend those tribal ideas and show it on the opening night of Stylo.”

With all these things happening, Winnie admits she needs a balance in her life. “I read a fair bit during my spare time, and I go to church quite a bit too. I believe that when you’re blessed you have to make time for God to be thankful for who you are today. I believe in these spiritual forces, so I spent a lot of time reading the Holy Scriptures, Inspirational books, I even go for Church Camp and Leadership Training. On top of that, I like the simple things in life. Making time for my family is also important, but I especially enjoy travelling, you learn a lot through travelling.”

As long as she can still walk, climb and even run, Winnie Loo intends to keep travelling and learning for her to continuously gain knowledge that can even see A Cut Above go further in the years to come.

Hairstyling Trends of 2012

As Winnie Loo has loads of experience in the hairstyling industry, so we asked her what is the current trend this year for hairstyles. “Short hair seems to be the craze. It’s dynamic, and it’s also known as quick hair for those on the go. The pixie cut hasn’t phased out at all, but the long hair style is still pretty popular too.”

But she also points out that a certain new trend has risen due to global economic crisis. “This is mostly in the European world, where there are people who don’t have the time or money to maintain hair that’s already outgrown. The ends of the hair are faded and it doesn’t look managed at all, but this seems to be what people are after now, so there have been requests to get that look. It’s a grunge look, that’s quite edgy as well.”

That’s not the only style that people like. A perm that has grown out and looks like it’s been there for a while seems to be the in thing too. “This is popular among those with long hair,” said Winnie, mentioning that perms can look too strong if not done right. “People want perms that look like they’ve been there for the past 6 months. It has this very vampish, naughty look that people seem to like.”

Hairstyle Tips to remember

There are so many simple tips that people can do to maintain a good hairstyle. Winnie advises that if you can afford it, try to get a haircut every 6 weeks if you want it to look good. Those with long hair tend to think that they do not need a haircut, but Winnie believes it is important to have long hair trimmed once every 12 weeks so that it can keep its shape. Lastly, ask your stylists on what products are suitable for you, and do not blindly believe in advertisements and what is affordable as they may not suit your hair.

For more tips on how to maintain your hairstyle and other important things to know about your hair, check out the A Cut Above blog where Winnie posts up her thoughts and tips on hair care and hair styles.

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