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5 Tips To Magnetize Your Brand

DO YOU HAVE a magnetic brand — what efforts are you doing to develop a brand that truly draws people to you and your company? A magnetic brand is a brand that attracts people. Think about the brand’s you’re familiar with and attracted to. What makes them magnetic? Chances are they portray a certain image [...]

Rebranding 101

REBRANDING is a drastic action that’s is rarely necessary. But nonetheless, it’s sometimes the only option…so today we are going to walk through that process. Below are the essential first steps in the rebranding process. 1) Understand your market. The essential goal of branding is to differentiate yourself from your competition. Therefore, before you do [...]

What Is Your Brand Personality?

HAVE you ever thought about your personal brand? How do you present yourself? How is your personality projected? How would someone describe you? Are you more like John McCain or Barack Obama? Their brand personalities were extended into their presidential campaigns all the way down to their signage and choices of typeface. Or, how about [...]

Dr.KK Johan Launched Brandlaureate’s Social Media Channels

Dr.KK Johan on Branding and Social Media In the 21st century, it is all about branding. At Brand Laureate, we recognise the importance of social media as a branding and engagement tool; that is why we awarded the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg with a Signature Award for his outstanding contribution in the world of [...]