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The BrandLaureate Brand ICON Leadership Awards’11: Alain Robert

Alain Robert is no ordinary guy. Better known as “Spiderman”, he is known for being the world’s only free holder climber that has succesfully climbed more than 85 skyscrapers in the world. He even conquered the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa on March 28, 2011! He climbs unaided, using only his free hands to [...]

The BrandLaureate Brand ICON Leadership Awards’11: YM Tengku Dato’ Paduka Noor Zakiah Bte Tengku Ismail

YM Tengku Dato’ Paduka Noor Zakiah Bte Tengku Ismail is a steadfast woman who is led by a strong passion and commitment in her quest for success. She has a pioneering spirit that turns visions into reality and ideas into innovation. She is a woman of great substance; she inspires and is a source of [...]

The BrandLaureate Brand ICON Leadership Awards’11: Datuk Lee Chong Wei

Datuk Lee Chong Wei is the No. 1 shuttler in the world and Malaysia’s most succesful badminton player. He is our national hero, being the Malaysian badminton player to reach the single finals in the Beijing Olympics and is currently competing in the England Olympics. He is especially known for his extraordinary defensive play and [...]

Dr. Chen Tei-Fu: The man behind Sunrider’s quest for good health

Being in the best of health is the greatest gift a person can give to themselves and their loved ones. Everyone has heard of the saying that when it comes to sickness, prevention is better than cure. Yet a lot of people today continue to consume food and apply products that are harmful to their [...]

Winnie Loo: Taking Malaysian Hairstyling Industry Beyond Borders

A person’s hairstyle defines his or her look and is important to give a good first impression. It has the ability to even tell a tale about a person, whether they are confident, an extrovert or introvert. No one knows this more than Winnie Loo, who brought Malaysia’s hairstyling industry far and beyond with her [...]

Insights Into Branding, the Spider Way

By Chew Bee Peng INTRO: The spider is an arachnid that is highly intelligent and survives in any challenging environment. They have the incredible strength, ability and agility to climb walls and ceilings. They are also resilient, tough, well organized, and have an instinctive sense of survival. These attributes are found in a successful brand. [...]