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The BrandLaureate Brand Engagement Series

On March 29 2012, The BrandLaureate organised The BrandLaureate Brand Engagement Series at the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. This seminar was especially arranged to focus on building brands and the importance of investing in them to succeed. Together with some fun exercises and light refreshments, the sessions included speakers such as Dr. KK Johan, [...]

Insights Into Branding, the Spider Way

By Chew Bee Peng INTRO: The spider is an arachnid that is highly intelligent and survives in any challenging environment. They have the incredible strength, ability and agility to climb walls and ceilings. They are also resilient, tough, well organized, and have an instinctive sense of survival. These attributes are found in a successful brand. [...]

How Green is Your Brand

By Dr. KK Johan, CEO of The BrandLaureate The green factor is an important component in brands. Consumers are now demanding that brands have good green practices as this will help to create sustainability and ensure the welfare of the future generations. Top of mind recall for green brands will be The Body Shop, automotive [...]