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Dr. Chen Tei-Fu: The man behind Sunrider’s quest for good health

Being in the best of health is the greatest gift a person can give to themselves and their loved ones. Everyone has heard of the saying that when it comes to sickness, prevention is better than cure. Yet a lot of people today continue to consume food and apply products that are harmful to their [...]

The BrandLaureate Brand Engagement Series

On March 29 2012, The BrandLaureate organised The BrandLaureate Brand Engagement Series at the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. This seminar was especially arranged to focus on building brands and the importance of investing in them to succeed. Together with some fun exercises and light refreshments, the sessions included speakers such as Dr. KK Johan, [...]

The BrandMag – Interview with Lord Michael Hastings and KPMG

Every once in two months, The BrandLaureate releases its very own magazine, The BrandLaureate Business World Review, where we cover various articles and latest trends about branding and other highlighted issues, as well as interviews with top personalities. In the latest issue of the magazine, we interviewed Lord Michael Hastings who is KPMG International’s Global [...]

The BrandLaureates, Hallmark of Brand Excellence

IMAGINE a world where brands do not exist. Every product and service becomes a mere commodity then. They will be no excitement in our lives, no wow factor to enthrall us. Brands make our lives more exciting and give us choices. The mark of a great brand is that it transcends borders and is able [...]