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"BrandLaureate Branding Awards"IMAGINE a world where brands do not exist. Every product and service becomes a mere commodity then. They will be no excitement in our lives, no wow factor to enthrall us. Brands make our lives more exciting and give us choices.

The mark of a great brand is that it transcends borders and is able to establish their presence in many parts of the world. They have a consistent brand identity and message that is easily identified be it in Malaysia, Hong Kong or London. They are also adaptable, meeting the needs of the locals through product customization to stay relevant.

Great brands are also timeless and limitless as they possess the ability to innovate and reinvent many times over. They grow from strength to strength to keep up with changing trends and become trail blazers in their industries. The winners of The BrandLaureate Awards exemplify these attributes.

The winners of The BrandLaureate Awards known as BrandLaureates are hallmark of brand excellence. Coca Cola, Samsung, Starbucks, Mercedes Benz, Nokia, the list goes on, are market leaders and are ranked either on the Fortune 500, Forbes orTop 100 Global Brand Lists. The BrandLaureates embrace branding as the most important discipline in the organization’s blue print and they have adopted relevant differentiation in their brand strategies to become market leaders.

They not only offer excellent products but are some of the best employers to work for. They attract the most talented employees whose skills and expertise help to further strengthen the brand as the success of a brand depends on its workforce and the buy-in to the brand.

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