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Being in the best of health is the greatest gift a person can give to themselves and their loved ones. Everyone has heard of the saying that when it comes to sickness, prevention is better than cure. Yet a lot of people today continue to consume food and apply products that are harmful to their bodies that may not be able to handle it.

Recognising the key problem that everyone seems to be facing when it comes to their health, Sunrider was established, investing in hundreds of millions of US dollars in research, development and self-manufacturing of over 415 life-enhancing products ranging from herbal foods and beverages, to even skin care and cosmetics. This all began with Dr. Chen Tei-Fu in his home country of Taiwan. He was a frail, sickly boy growing up, so his grandfather made him herbal remedies based on ancient herbal manuscripts. It was these treatments that sparked a lifelong devotion to learning all he could about herbs and their beneficial applications.

Dr. Chen studied herbs and earned his bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Kaohsiung Medical College and it was there that he married a gifted medical student from Hong Kong, Oi-Lin. The couple immigrated to the United States in 1974 to pursue a better life but it was not an easy road for them as they struggled to make ends meet. After obtaining her medical license, the now Dr. Oi-Lin Chen opened a private family practice to help support their growing family. Then, in 1982, Dr. Chen seized an opportunity to start his own company and founded The Sunrider Corporation in Utah.

Desire to Help

Upon starting Sunrider, there were many other challenges along the way, but the company steadily grew because of Oi-Lin’s support and Dr. Chen’s unwavering belief in the efficacy of his herbal products. He was also driven by his desire to not only help people enhance their health through his products but also to improve their lifestyle through Sunrider’s business opportunities.

“The main objective of the products that I make,” explains Dr. Chen, “is to nourish people’s bodies. Once a person’s body is strong enough, the process of regenerating what is loss in the body as well as curing is completely possible and sicknesses are easier to overcome.”

When people fall sick, a lot of people depend on doctors to give them prescribed drugs to fight it off, but Dr. Chen explains that while it is good, it’s not a long lasting solution. “The problem with taking these prescription drugs is that it only attacks the sickness, but it doesn’t prepare the body to defend itself. When you strengthen your body, nourish it with the right things, the body can then regulate itself and control the sickness.”

Even so, Dr. Chen still recommends seeing a doctor to fully understand your body. To him, the most important thing is to control what you consume and put in your body as a lot of products these days are full of toxins and free radicals that consume nutrition within your body, thus making you susceptible to sickness. This is why for Dr. Chen, herbal medicine is the key to leading a more natural and healthy lifestyle. Thus, Dr. Chen has released a number of products designed for such a purpose.

A Global Leader

One of Sunrider’s initial product was SunBreeze Essential Oil, a formulation Dr. Chen first developed in the basement of his father’s home. From then on, Dr. Chen has built Sunrider into a global leader in the health and beauty industry, manufacturing and distributing over 415herbal-based foods and beverages, nutritional supplements, household products, and even skin care and cosmetics.

Dr. Chen’s journey to even making skin care and cosmetic products was inspired after Oi-Lin was diagnosed with cancer. “My wife had cancer over 20 years ago, and the radiation treatment she underwent had caused her skin to burn and become sensitive,” explained Dr. Chen. “What people don’t realise is that a lot of skin products today contain petroleum or are animal based which makes it hard for the skin to breathe. So I made these range of skin care and cosmetics for my wife that use vegetable oil which are gentler to a person’s skin.”

It isn’t just Oi-Lin who uses Sunrider products. Dr. Chen himself uses his own products as a testament to his own work. “It makes sense to use the products that I made as it shows that I have confidence in my work and that it will bring benefits to me, just as it will for others.”

As Dr. Chen continues to promote Sunrider, which has reached to over 50 countries worldwide, he hopes that more people will care for their health. He advises to take care of your body, do not stress yourself too much and don’t overeat as these will produce more toxins within the body. “Overall, taking in the right nutrients to nourish your body will go a long way,” said Dr. Chen, confident that Sunrider’s products will be able to do just that.

Visit a Sunrider local outlet store at Lot 10 Shopping Mall and its upcoming new store and café at Sunway Pyramid which will open for business in June 2012. For all Authorized Business Owners’ stores nationwide, visit their website at www.sunrider.com or call them at 03-4253-3266 if you have any enquiries.

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