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The Brand Invest Engagement Series participants.

On March 29 2012, The BrandLaureate organised The BrandLaureate Brand Engagement Series at the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. This seminar was especially arranged to focus on building brands and the importance of investing in them to succeed. Together with some fun exercises and light refreshments, the sessions included speakers such as Dr. KK Johan, President of The BrandLaureate, who gave an entertaining and rousing session on how to make brands succesful, the key areas to look out for in branding and what to do when a brand is under attack.

Dr KK Johan delivering his speech at the Brand Invest Engagement Series.

This was followed by another speaker from DHL Express Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Mr. David Ng, who gave tips on how to build a sustainable brand through a holistic approach. Mr. David Ng dressed in a Manchester United jersey emblazoned with the DHL logo to show how the DHL brand has now grown into sports, much to everyone’s amusement.

Mr. David Ng from DHL delivering his session wearing a Manchester United jersey with the DHL logo on it.

The last talk was given by Mr. Jahanath Muthusamy, the Chief Executive of AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad. Mr. Jahanath pointed out key points of what makes a brand memorable, and how it is important that your brand must have a certain amount of value for it to be known and recognised.

Mr. Jahanath Muthusamy explains what makes brands memorable today.

The seminar went on with a Q&A session and even some brand trivias to keep everyone’s mind sharp. Those who answered correctly were awarded with dinner invites to Ciao Ristorante. With a meaningful purpose coupled with strong sessions from great speakers, The BrandLaureate Engagement Series ended with people armed with more knowledge to develop their brand and a deeper understanding of today’s tough business and the importance of branding.

The Q&A session with all three speakers and CEO of The BrandLaureate, Chew Bee Peng.

The BrandLaureate would like to thank all our attendees for the amazing support and we hope the seminar has been beneficial for everyone.

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