The Three Es of Branding


Written by The BrandLaureate

THE 3 Es of branding is important in building strong brands and in generating repeat business. Engaging the customer and building good relationship is a necessity. Good customer service makes the customer feels appreciated while a strong communication programme enables the brand to stay in touch with the customers and informs them of the latest brand developments. With social media, this is made easy as the brand can stay in touch with the customers through emails, Facebooks, blogs or Twitter.

Brand experience is the tipping point that will determine if a customer generates repeat sales. Customers’ who are satisfied with the brand’s offerings will put them on their A list. In addition, they will also promote the brand through word of mouth. Word of mouth promotion is a powerful advertising tool.

Experiences affect our emotions and a good experience generates positive emotions. Emotions play highly in the minds of the consumers. Brands that can penetrate the emotions of the consumers are more likely to gain their trust and inculcate brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is a great asset to a brand and can only be achieved when a brand delivers on its brand promises.

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