The Power of Brands


Written by The BrandLaureate

BrandLaureate Power of BrandsHAVE you noticed how brand names have become household words? We often hear people say “Can you google the population of Malaysia for me?”, meaning please look up the population of Malaysia online for me. “Do you have a Phillips screwdriver?” which in layman’s term means a 4-tip crosshead screwdriver or “if I could just pop a couple of Panadols, this headache would go away”. Panadols, meaning paracetamol tablets for fever and headaches. Brands are becoming everyday verbs and nouns and are now very much a part and parcel of our lives.

The name of a brand gives it an identity and association. Consumers identify the brand to a particular field or industry and if the identity is well positioned, it achieves instant recall. Similarly the brand’s logo and taglines are part of the brand’s identity, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

A brand must have value, strength and character. The ultimate recognition is when the world recognises a brand for its achievements and endurance in its field of expertise.

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