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Personal Branding and Social Media

By Chris Brogan BRANDING, branding, branding. People ask me about this often, citing the fact that they seem to find me everywhere on the Net. First off, I think that finding me everywhere just means that I’m spending too much time claiming my name on all these various social networks, not that I’m well-branded. You [...]

The Three Es of Branding

THE 3 Es of branding is important in building strong brands and in generating repeat business. Engaging the customer and building good relationship is a necessity. Good customer service makes the customer feels appreciated while a strong communication programme enables the brand to stay in touch with the customers and informs them of the latest [...]

The Power of Brands

HAVE you noticed how brand names have become household words? We often hear people say “Can you google the population of Malaysia for me?”, meaning please look up the population of Malaysia online for me. “Do you have a Phillips screwdriver?” which in layman’s term means a 4-tip crosshead screwdriver or “if I could just [...]

The BrandLaureates, Hallmark of Brand Excellence

IMAGINE a world where brands do not exist. Every product and service becomes a mere commodity then. They will be no excitement in our lives, no wow factor to enthrall us. Brands make our lives more exciting and give us choices. The mark of a great brand is that it transcends borders and is able [...]

Insights Into Branding, the Spider Way

By Chew Bee Peng INTRO: The spider is an arachnid that is highly intelligent and survives in any challenging environment. They have the incredible strength, ability and agility to climb walls and ceilings. They are also resilient, tough, well organized, and have an instinctive sense of survival. These attributes are found in a successful brand. [...]

Identify Your Core Competency

FOR BRANDS to be successful, it is important that they identify their core competencies in order to create a more effective brand and be a leader in the industry that they represent. Core competency is an area of specialization that a company excels in. It can take the form of a product, skills or services [...]

How Green is Your Brand

By Dr. KK Johan, CEO of The BrandLaureate The green factor is an important component in brands. Consumers are now demanding that brands have good green practices as this will help to create sustainability and ensure the welfare of the future generations. Top of mind recall for green brands will be The Body Shop, automotive [...]

5 Tips To Magnetize Your Brand

DO YOU HAVE a magnetic brand — what efforts are you doing to develop a brand that truly draws people to you and your company? A magnetic brand is a brand that attracts people. Think about the brand’s you’re familiar with and attracted to. What makes them magnetic? Chances are they portray a certain image [...]

9 Branding Tips For Small Businesses

THINK BRANDING is only for large multi-national corporations? Think again. Here are 9 easy tips you can use to grow your brand with your customers. The design of your logo really doesn’t matter. Would you choose MSN as your search engine over Google because of their logo? No, having a nice professional logo is great, [...]

Rebranding 101

REBRANDING is a drastic action that’s is rarely necessary. But nonetheless, it’s sometimes the only option…so today we are going to walk through that process. Below are the essential first steps in the rebranding process. 1) Understand your market. The essential goal of branding is to differentiate yourself from your competition. Therefore, before you do [...]